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What Does a Cybersecurity Analyst Do?

Today, due to the advancement in technology, crime rates have increased. As activities have turned online, the threat of cyber-attacks constantly looms over businesses. Between November 2020 and October 2021, there were almost 24 thousand cybersecurity incidents worldwide.

This is the reason cybersecurity analysts are in high demand. The profession is slowly becoming one of the most sought ones. It is the best profession for someone interested in the IT world. Starting your career in this profession in 2022 can offer several opportunities for you.

The security officers of computer information systems are known as cybersecurity analysts. They create and put into place security measures that protect businesses and organizations from online dangers. The aim is to protect information systems from internal and external prevailing threats. This can help the business excel in its niches as its work will not be hindered because of security breaches. Cybersecurity analysts have chances for career progression and high levels of job satisfaction considering the scope of this field.

If you want to understand more about this profession, keep reading!

What is a Cybersecurity Analyst?

The job of the cybersecurity analyst is to protect the networks and computer systems. They develop robust strategies to stop the attacks before they corrupt the system. Cybersecurity experts find and fix vulnerabilities in the computer network by running diagnostic tests and tracking traffic. They are trained professionals that also establish guidelines for online ethical conduct. Moreover, cybersecurity analysts can stop illegal access by educating staff members on cybersecurity practices. Though it completely depends on the security needs of the company.

You can even get a bachelor’s degree in this profession or hone your skills via online certifications. The field offers many industry-standard certifications that are considered valuable. Even if you are not starting your career in it, you should complete online courses so at least you are aware of the essential security steps you should take.

You can visit, Udemy, edX, Codeacademy, Coursera, and others to start your certification courses. However, you need to have a stable internet connection to complete your courses without hassle. Otherwise, you will lose your learning pace and will not be motivated to complete the courses. You can consider using Windstream Internet as it offers high-speed internet and has deployed advanced technology to resolve internet issues. It uses fixed wireless technology that is an alternative to traditional wired networks. This enables Windstream to offer robust broadband services.

What Does a Cybersecurity Analyst Do?

Cybersecurity analysts can perform various network security-related tasks. Some are responsible for overseeing all the aspects of the computer network, while others have more specialized roles.

Investigate Security Breaches

Cybersecurity experts use software and tools to identify security issues in the company’s network. If you are a cybersecurity analyst, you should also monitor network traffic to stay on top of threats and prevent unauthorized data access. If you suspect any issue, identify the vulnerabilities and loopholes. The aim is to identify the cause and take essential steps to prevent security breaches.

Conduct Ethical Hacking

To measure the success of the security plans, cyber security analysts also perform ethical hacking. This can reveal security flaws, so they would know whether there is a need to prepare a more strategic plan or not. However, this is carried out with the organization’s consent only, and no cybersecurity professional is allowed to do it without permission. This can be a legal requirement for some companies, while others might do it occasionally.

If you are a professional cyber analyst, you employ the same tools and methods as hackers. But the aim is to identify and address vulnerabilities before actual hackers do. This can save the business from great security problems in the future.

Implement Security Protocols

Today, there is a great need to implement security protocols, so that businesses are safe from cyber threats. As a cybersecurity analyst, your job is to create security protocols that the organization must follow. The protocols should be industry standard, and it is mandatory to ensure that every employee follows them. You can even train the employees regarding the implementation process to improve the company’s overall cybersecurity.

On a Final Note

We hope now you are aware of who cybersecurity analysts are and why this profession is in demand. They spend a lot of time searching for weak spots and preparing plans to mitigate the risk. However, different organizations demand a different level of security!

If you are interested in this profession, then now is the time to start your career in it.

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